Fun ideas for teaching maths in the classroom

Let’s face it most people do not enjoy mathematics. Often students have told me that they find the subject boring or they felt lost from the very beginning.

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Graphs - Use your Calculator

Graphs are an important section in maths and one of the most common questions in an exam is how to draw a graph. If you need help with this section then read this article.

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Help!! I don’t get it!!

So you're sitting in the exam staring at the maths question in front of you and thinking: “help!! I don’t get!! – What am I supposed to do here? ” Well here are some tips for you:

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National AMESA 2013

The 2013 AMESA conference was held in Cape Town this year. The weather attempted to play ball and there were lots of exciting things that happened at the conference. 

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Why should you choose Maths?

Maths and science are found in many aspects of any career – from basic budgeting to the development of drugs to fight cancer or HIV/Aids.

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Real Life Analytical Geometry

We use analytical geometry in a number of applications – from engineering to designing aeroplanes to flying aeroplanes to designing the house that you live in.

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AMESA Congress

Michelle and I attended the AMESA (the Association of Mathematics Educators in South Africa) from the 24th to the 28th of June 2012.

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Seartec Teacher of the Year Awards

Wow! What a great response! 1850 nominations came in from around the country for their favourite teacher and maths teacher.

When I think back to my own years in school my favourite maths teacher was a gentleman called Mr Ayers. He showed me that maths could be fun and that it was cool to enjoy it. He planted a seed for the love of mathematics that has germinated into a giant love of mathematics still alive and well today. 

I'm sure that the teachers nominated in this competition also instilled this kind of passion in their students. 

Congratulations to Mr B. Hoosen from Kamalinee Primary School in Kwa-Zulu Natal who won the Teacher of the Year Award. Mr K. Reddy from Carter High in Pietermaritzburg won Maths Teacher of the Year of the Award. Both of these super-awesome teachers receive our SHARP 990 convection/ grill microwave (the same one that won  the Fairlady Best Buy 2014 Award in the microwaves category). 

The students that nominated these teachers, Priyanka Beeputh and Naseem Khan also received prizes! A blackberry smartphone and airtime. Well done guys. 

Nominations came in the form of letters, emails and facebook comments - and 5 students from each of these categories was randomly selected to win the SHARP EL535 scientific calculator!

In the letters category:  Stanbiwe, Clarisse Gounder, Kemara Maistry, Benjamin Chateau and Jessie Ephraim. All of these students come from Kamalinee Primary School (wow! Mr B. Hoosen must be very popular!).

In the emails category: Megan Bailey (Klerksdorp, North West), Ntokozo Noji (Gugulethu, Cape Town), Jeffrey Mautoane (Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape), Lindi Jwente (Katlehong, Gauteng), and Sphathise Ntalo (Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape). 

And the facebook winners are: Zikhona Klaas (Kagiso, Johannesburg), Ongezwa Dubule (Cape Town), Luthando Mac Carteen (Waverley, Johannesburg), Lilitha Menzo Nonjola (Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape), and Keanon Jantjies.


Congratulations to all the winners! We hope you enjoy your prizes! And congratulations to all the teachers who were nominated - you hold a special place in your students hearts. All that hard work is making a difference!  


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Enter This Weeks Competition

Congratulations Rauen Le Grange from Heatherhill College in Knysna! You got it right! 

Your SHARP EL535 scientific calculator is on the way! 

Susan gets R80, Peter gets R120  and the hamburgers cost R25. To find these values you had to write down the two equations and solve them simultaneously.

Pocket Money

Susan and Peter get pocket money once a month. Susan gets two thirds as much money as Peter. The both go to the shops and Susan buys 3 hamburgers and receives R5 change. Peter buys 4 hamburgers and gets R20 change. How much does each hamburger cost? And what is the amount of money Susan and Peter  get for their pocket money? 


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How to....

Use the Shortcut Keys

On the SHARP EL535 calculator there are 4 D keys:

shortcut keys for commonly used functions: D1, D2, D3, and D4

You can save a function that uses the second function second function button or alpha button to access it. 

Say for example you want to save the Random Dice Function to the D1 key, you would press:

store key  user defined function key D1

Your screen will then say: STORING D1

                                               SELECT FUNCTION

Type in the function you want to save for example:

second function button  7 button with second function access to the random function select 1 for Dice. 

Your screen will then say STORED!

Now when you press D1 shortcut key R.DICE will come up and you can roll the dice by pressing equals button