Fairlady Consumer Best Buy 2016 Award!


Seartec is happy to announce that our Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator has won the Fairlady Consumer Best Buy 2016 Award for the scientific calculator category! 




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This challenge question comes from the Answer Series Varisty Maths Prep book 

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If a + b = 7 and ab = 4, what is the value of a2 + b2?

A)  28

B)  40

C)  41

D)  49

E)  55

Ps - congratulations to all the winners on the last challenge question! 




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How to....

Use the Shortcut Keys

On the SHARP EL535 calculator there are 4 D keys:

shortcut keys for commonly used functions: D1, D2, D3, and D4

You can save a function that uses the second function second function button or alpha button to access it. 

Say for example you want to save the Random Dice Function to the D1 key, you would press:

store key  user defined function key D1

Your screen will then say: STORING D1

                                               SELECT FUNCTION

Type in the function you want to save for example:

second function button  7 button with second function access to the random function select 1 for Dice. 

Your screen will then say STORED!

Now when you press D1 shortcut key R.DICE will come up and you can roll the dice by pressing equals button