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This set of worksheets is for technical maths grade 10 CAPS curriculum.

Worksheet 9: Linear Inequalities

This grade 10 technical maths worksheet on inequalities starts with some theory questions before moving on to doing set builder notation. It then has questions on number lines, before solving inequalities. Finally there are also word problems for solving inequalities.   Download here: Worksheet 9: Inequalities Worksheet 9 Memorandum: Inequalities

Worksheet 8: Solving Equations

This grade 10 technical maths worksheet looks at solving various types of algebraic equations, from linear equations, equations with fractions, quadratic equations to simultaneous linear equations. The worksheet also asks students to make a particular variable the subject of the equation. There are also exponential equations. Finally the worksheet asks students to solve word problems […]

Worksheet 7: Algebraic Fractions

This grade 10 technical maths worksheet on algebraic fractions starts with the basic theory of fractions before going on to algebraic fractions without factorising. The worksheet then has questions requiring factorising of both the numerator and the denominator.   Download here: Worksheet 7: Algebraic Fractions Worksheet 7 Memorandum Algebraic Fractions

How to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers

Binary numbers are based on the concept of ones and zeros or something similar to on and off. The base used to count in binary number is 2 and the one and zero says whether that 2 is on or off. The position of the one or zero in the binary number tells you to […]