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These free downloadable pdf worksheets are based on the new South African CAPS curriculum and come with fully worked out memos. They cover algebra, functions, number systems, patterns, financial maths, trigonometry and so on.

Worksheet 10: Probability

This grade 11 mathematics worksheet on probability tests students skills and their understanding of mutually exclusive events, dependent and independent events, the product rule, Venn diagrams and tree diagrams. There is also a fully worked out memo showing how all the answers were found. Download here: Worksheet 10: Probability Worksheet 10 Memorandum: Probability

Worksheet 3: General Calculations

This grade 11 mathematical literacy worksheet tests general calculation skills for percentages, ratios and rates, as well as conversions between different units of measurement. It also has a fully worked out memorandum. Download here: Worksheet 3: General Calculations Worksheet 3 Memorandum: General Calculations

Worksheet 8: Trigonometry: Sine, Cosine and Area Rule

The grade 11 mathematics trigonometry worksheet tests the sine, cosine and area rules learnt and determines whether students can apply it to two-dimensional (2D) questions. The questions are based on the South African Caps syllabus and there is a fully worked out memorandum. Download here: Worksheet 8: Trigonometry Worksheet 8 Memorandum: Trigonometry

Worksheet 2: Measurement

This worksheet practices how to read measurements off various instruments, how to convert from one kind of measurement to another, how to use conversion of measurements in practical situations and how to work with measurements in ratios. Download here: Worksheet 2: Measurement Worksheet 2 Memorandum: Measurement

Worksheet 9: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet

Finance, growth and decay tests simple and compound appreciation and depreciation, as well as gives story sums and timeline questions. It also has a fully worked out memorandum and follows the CAPS guidelines for Grade 11 Mathematics. Download here: Worksheet 9: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet 9 Memorandum: Finance, Growth and Decay

Worksheet 1: Patterns, Relationships and Representations

This worksheet goes through many examples of how a graph can tell a story, it practices drawing graphs, reading off graphs, interpreting data. These graphs can have up to two variables compared on one axis. Download here: Patterns, Relationships and Representations worksheet Patterns, Relationships and Representations memorandum

Worksheet 6 – Trigonometric Functions

This worksheet looks at the three different trigonometric graphs – sin, cos and tan, and the translations and changes that occur in these graphs. The worksheet tests drawing graphs, identifying graphs, giving the amplitude and period of the graphs. It also does in-depth mixed questions about the different trigonometric functions that mirror exam type questions. […]

Worksheet 5: Functions

This grade 11 maths worksheet deals with identifying the different types of graphs and functions from straight line graphs to parabolas, hyperbolas and exponential graphs. It includes sketching the different graphs, determining their equations given certain points or other information such as asymptotes. x and y intercepts and transformations of graphs finding the point of […]

Worksheet 4: Analytical Geometry

This worksheet goes through all the different things you should know in Analytical geometry by the end of grade 11. The worksheet looks at gradient, parallel and perpendicular lines, equations of a straight line, angle of inclination, midpoint, and some exam type questions. Download here: Worksheet 4: Analytical Geometry Worksheet 4 Memo: Analytical Geometry

Worksheet 3: Number Patterns

This worksheet examines linear and quadratic patterns, from identifying the pattern, determining the formula for Tn, determining the term’s value at a specific position, and practicing both linear and quadratic questions. Download here: Worksheet 3: Number Patterns Worksheet 3 Memo: Number Patterns