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Worksheets for grade 12 students free to teachers to download once they are registered on the site. There are also fully worked out memos. All worksheets are free and follow the South African curriculum. They cover all the major topics in the South African NCS curriculum such as calculus, algebra, functions, trigonometry. New CAPS worksheets to arrive in 2014.

Worksheet 11: Calculus Part 2

This grade 12 worksheet on calculus consists of finding the first and second derivatives using the short-cut method finding the point of inflection and the concavity of the graph drawing the cubic graph by finding the x and y intercepts finding the stationary or turning points finding the point of inflection and finally, optimization of […]

Worksheet 5: Data Handling (2)

This grade 12 mathematical literacy worksheet gives students practice question on data handling including analysing bar graphs, and pie charts, drawing their own graphs and answering questions about the data and scale of the graphs.   Worksheet 5: Data Handling (2) Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Data Handling (2)

Worksheet 4: Finance – Financial Documents and Tariff Systems

This CAPS aligned grade 12 mathematical literacy worksheet with memorandum tests the students knowledge and ability regarding Financial documents and payslips. There is a definition question, work on a salary slip, including questions on tax and other deductions. There is a question on financing a car, and the cost of that finance.There is also a […]

Worksheet 4 – Solving for x

Use this worksheet to practice factorising, completing the square, inequalities, simultaneous equations, fraction questions and exponential questions. Use the fully worked out memo to check that the answers are correct.   Download here: Worksheet 4 – Solving For x Woksheet 4 – Memo

Worksheet 10: The Fundamental Counting Principle

This grade 12 mathematics CAPS worksheet tests the skills learnt for the fundamental counting principle. This includes dealing with combinations and permutations, with and without repetitions. It also includes dealing with factorials. Download here: Worksheet 10: The Fundamental Counting Principle Worksheet 10 Memorandum: The Fundamental Counting Principle

Worksheet 2: Data handling

This worksheet covers data handling for grade 12 mathematical literacy. It covers mode, mean,  median and range calculations, box and whisker plots as well as stem and leaf diagrams. Download here: Worksheet 2: Data handling Worksheet 2 Memorandum: Data Handling

Worksheet 12 – Solve for x

Practice the different solve for x type of questions using this worksheet – choose from factorising, completing the square, inequalities questions, simultaneous equations, algebraic fractions, exponential equations and story sums. Lots of all the different types which is great for homework or revision before exams Download here: Worksheet 12 – Solve for x Worksheet 12 […]

Worksheet 7: 2D and 3D Trigonometry

This grade 12 CAPS mathematics worksheet tests maths skills learnt in term 2: 2D and 3D trigonometry. Questions start off with some theory before progressing to applying theory learnt to 2D and 3D representations of real life. Download here: Worksheet 7: 2D and 3D trigonometry Worksheet 7 Memorandum: 2D and 3D trigonometry