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The grade 12 CAPS aligned mathematics worksheets. 

This grade 12 worksheet on calculus consists of finding the first and second derivatives using the short-cut method finding the point of inflection and the concavity of the graph drawing the cubic graph by finding the x and y intercepts finding the stationary or turning points finding the point of inflection and finally, optimization of […]

This grade 12 mathematics CAPS worksheet tests the skills learnt for the fundamental counting principle. This includes dealing with combinations and permutations, with and without repetitions. It also includes dealing with factorials. Download here: Worksheet 10: The Fundamental Counting Principle Worksheet 10 Memorandum: The Fundamental Counting Principle

This grade 12 CAPS mathematics worksheet tests maths skills learnt in term 2: 2D and 3D trigonometry. Questions start off with some theory before progressing to applying theory learnt to 2D and 3D representations of real life. Download here: Worksheet 7: 2D and 3D trigonometry Worksheet 7 Memorandum: 2D and 3D trigonometry

This grade 12 CAPS aligned maths worksheet allows students to practice their skills with limits, finding the average gradient, using first principals to find the derivative and using short-rules to find the derivative. Students then apply the rules of differentiation and calculus by finding the gradient at a point, finding the point if the gradient […]

This grade 10 maths worksheet focuses on the application of 2D trigonometry concepts learnt in term 2 to solve two dimensional application questions. There is a fully worked memorandum as well. Download here: Worksheet 15: 2D trigonometry Worksheet 15 Memorandum: 2D trigonometry

This grade12 CAPS mathematics worksheet is designed to reinforce the concepts learnt about the factor and remainder theorem as applied to polynomials particularly for factorising cubic expressions. The worksheet also allows students to apply the factor and remainder theorem to factors and divisors. Download here: Worksheet 8: Functions – Polynomials (Factor and Remainder Theorem) Worksheet […]

This worksheet tests all the skills learned from term 1 grade 12 are tested in this worksheet. This includes patterns, sequences and series – quadratic, arithmetic, geometric, formula, sum, sigma notation and sum to infinity; functions – theory, domains and inverses; financial mathematics – compound and simple decrease, present and future value annuities, and effective […]

This grade 12 mathematics worksheet identifies the basic compound angle identities before moving on to applying them with special angles and in identities. The worksheet then tests the more advanced skills and applications of compound angles. Download here: Worksheet 5: Trigonometry – Compound Angles Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Trigonometry – Compound Angles

This grade 12 CAPS worksheet tests the skills learnt for finance, growth and decay. It tests students theory, as well as simple and compound interest, before moving onto future and present value annuities. There is also a fully worked out memorandum for your marking ease. Download here: Worksheet 4: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet 4 […]