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Grade 8 maths worksheets that follow the South African CAPS curriculum.

Worksheet 30: Term 4 Revision for Grade 8

This grade 8 maths worksheet revises all the work that should be done in term 4 according to the CAPS document. It includes: functions and relationships input and output values and tables, equations, graphs (both drawing and interpreting graphs), Transformation Geometry reflections, transformations and enlargements, geometry of 3D shapes recognising 3D shapes and their nets, […]

Worksheet 27: Term 1 Revision for Grade 8 Maths

This grade 8 mathematics worksheet can be used for revision after completing the first term of the South African caps curriculum and inlcudes whole numbers prime numbers, multiples and factors and lowest common multiple and highest common factor integers, exponents (including scientific notation), numeric and geometric patterns, functions and relationships (input and output values), algebraic […]

Worksheet 7: Algebraic Equations Term 1

This algebraic equations worksheet focuses on understanding algebraic language, solving equations by inspection, identifying variables and constants, substitution, using the basic laws of exponents to solve equations and using tables to identify ordered pairs for equations all according to the South African CAPS syllabus. Download here: Worksheet 7: Algebraic Equations (Term 1)  Worksheet 7 Memorandum: […]

Worksheet 6: Algebraic Expressions

This grade 8 mathematics worksheet on algebraic expressions includes identifying coefficients, constants and variables, expanding and simplifying algebraic expressions and substitution. Download here: Worksheet 6: Algebraic Expressions Term 1 Worksheet 6 Memorandum: Algebraic Expressions Term 1

Worksheet 5: Functions and Relationships

This grade 8 term 1 worksheet on functions and relationships tests the skills learnt in class, including finding input and output values in tables and flow diagrams, and representing these values through graphs, formulae and equations. Download here: Worksheet 5: Functions and Relationships Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Functions and Relationships

Worksheet 4: Numeric and Geometric Patterns

This grade 8 maths worksheet tests the skills learnt for numeric and geometric patterns learnt in term 1 for CAPS. It includes determining the pattern, finding a term in the pattern and representing patterns. Download here: Worksheet 4: Numeric and Geometric Patterns Worksheet 4 Memorandum: Numeric and Geometric Patterns

Worksheet 29: Term 3 Revision

This grade 8 mathematics worksheet includes revision on all work covered in the third term according to South Africa’s CAPS syllabus. Topics include – common fractions, decimal fractions, Pythagoras, area and perimeter of 2D shapes, surface area and volume of 3D objects and data handling. Download here: Worksheet 29: Term 3 Revision Worksheet 29 Memorandum: […]

Worksheet 14: Decimal Fractions

This worksheet tests all the decimal fraction decimal fractions skills grade 8’s following the CAPS curriculum should know at the end of term 3. It includes comparing decimals and fractions, rounding off to 1 and 2 decimal places, doing calculations including squaring, cubing, square-rooting and cube-rooting decimals, converting between decimals, fractions and percentages, working out […]

Worksheet 13: Common Fractions

This mathematics worksheet covers all the basics for common fractions that grade 8 students following the CAPS curriculum should be able to do at the end of the third term. It includes converting between mixed number and improper fractions, equivalent fractions, converting between fractions, decimals and percentages, doing sums with fractions including squaring, cubing and […]

Grade 8 Term 2 Exam

This grade 8 mathematics June exam tests all the skills learnt in the first two terms of the year according to the CAPS curriculum. Questions include whole numbers and integers theory, exponents, patterns, functions and relationships, algebraic expressions, algebraic equations, construction of geometric figures, geometry of 2-dimensional shapes and geometry of straight lines. Marks are […]