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Grade 8 maths worksheets that follow the South African CAPS curriculum.

Worksheet 3: Exponents

This grade 8 mathematics CAPS aligned worksheet tests the skills that should be learnt for exponents in grade 8, from theory to knowing the sqares (1 to12) and cubes (1 – 6) and roots of these numbers, to being able to do them on their calculator. The exponential rules are also tested, as well as […]

Worksheet 2: Integers

This grade 8 mathematics CAPS aligned worksheet works through the different integer skills needed in grade 8. From filling in less than or greater than to knowing the sign multiplicative rules, to being able to apply integers in the real world, this worksheet will make sure that students are able to apply all their integer […]

Worksheet 1: Whole Numbers Revision

This worksheet summarizes and expands on grade 7 work done on whole numbers. It tests definitions and applications of numbers (real, rational and irrational and so on), as well as application. The worksheet also looks at prime numbers, multiples and factors, basic calculations, prime factors, lowest common multiples and highest common factors, percentages and rate […]