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This worksheet practices finance for grade 11 math literacy and includes questions on interest, banking and inflation. The worksheet covers questions on CPI and various finance situations such as investments and hire.   Download Here: Worksheet 7: Finance – Interest, banking and Inflation  Worksheet 7 Memorandum: Finance – Interest, banking and inflation

This grade 10 mathematics worksheet contains revision for term 3 CAPS curriculum for South Africa. The worksheet includes questions on Euclidean geometry, analytical geometry, financial maths including simple and compound interest, exchange rates and hire purchase questions, statistics and 2D trigonometry.   Download here: Worksheet 21: Term 3 Revision Worksheet 21 Memorandum: Term 3 Revision

This CAPS aligned grade 12 mathematical literacy worksheet with memorandum tests the students knowledge and ability regarding Financial documents and payslips. There is a definition question, work on a salary slip, including questions on tax and other deductions. There is a question on financing a car, and the cost of that finance.There is also a […]

This worksheet covers financial documents such as till slips and household accounts as well as budgets and interest. This worksheet also covers tariff systems and car repayments. Download here: Worksheet 6: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems Worksheet 6: Memorandum: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems

This worksheet covers questions on financial documents such as bank statements and till slips as well as various kinds of tariff systems. These questions involve VAT calculations as well as questions relating to budgets. Download here: Worksheet 7: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems Worksheet 7 Memorandum: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems

This worksheet on finance tests profit and loss calculations as well as mark up. It is very important to be able to determine the break-even point for a company to know how many products you need to sell before you start to make a profit. This worksheet also tests tax calculations and understanding financial documents. […]

This worksheet covers exponents – from simplifying to solving, then moves along to logs where the basic rules are tested and the student is asked to solve for x. Finally it delves into the world of finance – using the background of logs and exponents to answer some of the questions. Finance covers simple and […]

Finance, growth and decay tests simple and compound appreciation and depreciation, as well as gives story sums and timeline questions. It also has a fully worked out memorandum and follows the CAPS guidelines for Grade 11 Mathematics. Download here: Worksheet 9: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet 9 Memorandum: Finance, Growth and Decay

This worksheet tests all the skills learned from term 1 grade 12 are tested in this worksheet. This includes patterns, sequences and series – quadratic, arithmetic, geometric, formula, sum, sigma notation and sum to infinity; functions – theory, domains and inverses; financial mathematics – compound and simple decrease, present and future value annuities, and effective […]