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This grade 12 worksheet on calculus consists of finding the first and second derivatives using the short-cut method finding the point of inflection and the concavity of the graph drawing the cubic graph by finding the x and y intercepts finding the stationary or turning points finding the point of inflection and finally, optimization of […]

This grade 12 CAPS aligned maths worksheet allows students to practice their skills with limits, finding the average gradient, using first principals to find the derivative and using short-rules to find the derivative. Students then apply the rules of differentiation and calculus by finding the gradient at a point, finding the point if the gradient […]

Use this calculus worksheet to practice exam-type questions that focus on the derivative, first principals, graphs and finding the tangent to the graph at a certain point. Use this worksheet to practice optimization skills as well. Download here: Worksheet 6 – Calculus 2 Worksheet 6 – Memo

This free worksheet on calculus (sponsored by SHARP) includes questions on limits, solving for the derivative using first principals and finding the derivative using the derivative short-rules. It also includes a section on drawing cubic graphs as well determining the tangents to graphs. There is also a section on optimization (finding the maximum and minimum). […]