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Worksheet 15: Functions and Relationships (Term 3)

This grade 9 mathematics functions and relationships worksheet focuses on the input and output values for different functions and includes flow diagrams, tables, formulae and equations. It also includes questions on finding equations of different straight line graphs, including parallel and perpendicular graphs, and plotting coordinates. There is also a fully worked out memo, and […]

Worksheet 5: Patterns, Relationships and Representations

This worksheet has questions on interpreting graphs and telling a story using graphs. It examines how patterns and relationships are represented and looks at interpreting these relationships Download here: Worksheet 5: Patterns, Relationships and Representations Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Patterns, Relationships, and Representations

Worksheet 30: Term 4 Revision for Grade 8

This grade 8 maths worksheet revises all the work that should be done in term 4 according to the CAPS document. It includes: functions and relationships input and output values and tables, equations, graphs (both drawing and interpreting graphs), Transformation Geometry reflections, transformations and enlargements, geometry of 3D shapes recognising 3D shapes and their nets, […]

Worksheet 26: Term 1 Revision Grade 9

This grade 9 maths worksheet covers all work studied in grade 9 in the first term according to the CAPS curriculum. Questions and sections include the number system, prime factors, simplifying common fraction and decimal expressions, converting between decimals, fractions and percentages, exponents, scientific notation, patterns, functions and relationships, substitution, algebraic expressions and solving algebraic […]

Worksheet 8: Factor and Remainder Theorem

This grade12 CAPS mathematics worksheet is designed to reinforce the concepts learnt about the factor and remainder theorem as applied to polynomials particularly for factorising cubic expressions. The worksheet also allows students to apply the factor and remainder theorem to factors and divisors. Download here: Worksheet 8: Functions – Polynomials (Factor and Remainder Theorem) Worksheet […]

Worksheet 1: Patterns, Relationships and Representations

This worksheet goes through many examples of how a graph can tell a story, it practices drawing graphs, reading off graphs, interpreting data. These graphs can have up to two variables compared on one axis. Download here: Patterns, Relationships and Representations worksheet Patterns, Relationships and Representations memorandum

Worksheet 6: Term 1 Revision

This worksheet tests all the skills learned from term 1 grade 12 are tested in this worksheet. This includes patterns, sequences and series – quadratic, arithmetic, geometric, formula, sum, sigma notation and sum to infinity; functions – theory, domains and inverses; financial mathematics – compound and simple decrease, present and future value annuities, and effective […]

Worksheet 7: Functions and Relationships Term 1

This grade 9 maths worksheet for term 1 looks at functions and relationships and is an introduction to graphs. The worksheet includes questions on completing the table, drawing graphs, drawing flow diagrams, using formulas, and finding the input and output values of a function. Download here: Worksheet 7: Functions and Relationships Term 1 Worksheet 7 […]

Worksheet 5: Functions

This grade 11 maths worksheet deals with identifying the different types of graphs and functions from straight line graphs to parabolas, hyperbolas and exponential graphs. It includes sketching the different graphs, determining their equations given certain points or other information such as asymptotes. x and y intercepts and transformations of graphs finding the point of […]

Worksheet 5: Functions and Relationships

This grade 8 term 1 worksheet on functions and relationships tests the skills learnt in class, including finding input and output values in tables and flow diagrams, and representing these values through graphs, formulae and equations. Download here: Worksheet 5: Functions and Relationships Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Functions and Relationships