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Worksheet 12 – Geometry of Straight Lines for Grade 9

worksheet on geometry of straight lines for grade 9

This worksheet on geometry of straight lines for grade 9 covers the basics of geometry, including vertically opposite angles supplementary and complementary angles parallel lines which include alternating angles, corresponding angles and co-interior angles and perpendicular lines.   The worksheet comes with a fully worked out memo. Although it should be noted that only one […]

New Grade 10 Maths Study Guide Chapter on Functions and Graphs

The grade 10 maths study guide chapter on functions and graphs

The grade 10 maths study guide chapter on functions and graphs. Its finally here! It is aligned with the CAPS syllabus. It has notes. It has exercises. And it has fully worked out memos with notes just for you! It focuses on the core graphs in grade 10: The straight line graph The parabola The […]

New Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide

grade 10 financial maths front cover

Hi Grade 10 maths students (and maths teachers too) looking for a Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide,   Financial maths is another one of those topics where you will need to make sure that you understand the basic building blocks because it is used all the way through to matric. This chapter covers: simple […]

New Grade 10 Algebra Study Guide

Grade 10 Algebra Study Guide cover

Hi Grade 10 maths students (and maths teachers too) looking for a Grade 10 Algebra Study Guide,   So, you’ve made it into maths class, and you want to do your best! The best way to do that is to make sure that you understand algebra. Algebra is not only used in the algebra section, […]

Worksheet 19 Probability Grade 10 Maths

This worksheet on probability for grade 10 maths covers the topics of relative frequency and theoretical probability, and Venn diagrams. Questions include drawing your own Venn diagrams, giving definitions and making decisions based on the theoreticial probability and the relative frequency.   Download here: Worksheet 19: Probability Worksheet 19 Memorandum Probability 

Worksheet 18 Graphs Grade 9

worksheet 18 graphs grade 9

This worksheet on graphs for grade 9, covers all the basics from describing graphs to drawing them. The last question asks students to determine the gradient equation of the straight line the y-intercept and the x-intercept   Download here: Worksheet 18 – Graphs Worksheet 18 Memorandum – Graphs Grade 9

Grade 8 Worksheet – Area and Perimeter of 2D Shapes

worksheet 16 area and perimeter of 2D shapes, page 1

This grade 8 maths worksheet on area and perimeter of 2D shapes for term 3. It includes being able to give the formulae for area and perimeter for squares rectangles triangles and circles. It asks students to label the circle. The worksheet also asks them to find the area and perimeter of these shapes, and […]

Euclidean Geometry for Technical Maths

grade 12 technical maths worksheet on Euclidean geometry and similarity

This grade 12 worksheet on Euclidean Geometry for technical maths students focuses on similarity, congruency and triangles. It pays particular attention to proportion as well as proving similarity and congruency.   Download here: Worksheet 12: Euclidean Geometry (Similarity) Worksheet 12 Memorandum: Euclidean Geometry (Similarity). 

Worksheet 8: Measurement and Conversions (1)

worksheet 8, measurement and conversions page 1

This grade 11 mathematical literacy worksheet works through the various aspects of measurement and conversions for grade 11 learners. The questions include: Conversions between mm, cm, m and km ml and liters g, kg and tons seonds, minutes, hours and days from baking measurements like teaspoons, tablespoons and cups to ml imperial and metric units […]

Worksheet 10 – Probability Math Literacy

worksheet 10 probability page 1

This grade 10 math literacy worksheet on probability covers all the basics. Topics include theory and definitions of words expressions of probability terms probability scale relative frequency vs theoretical probability two-way tables tree diagrams.   Download Here: Worksheet 10: Probability Worksheet 10 Memorandum: Probability