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These grade 10 worksheets are fully CAPS aligned for the South African Curriculum. They are free downloadable PDFs with fully worked out memos. They cover all topics in the grade 10 syllabus from algebra and patterns, to functions and trigonometry.

Worksheet 11: Euclidean Geometry

This grade 10 Euclidean Geometry worksheet looks at the various kinds of quadrilaterals, their properties and doing calculations using their properties. It also looks at using parallel lines to work out various angles.   Download here: Worksheet 11: Euclidian Geometry Worksheet 11 Memo: Euclidian Geometry

Worksheet 10: Functions – Hyperbolas, Parabolas and Exponential Graphs

This grade 10 mathematics worksheet looks at graphing the different graphs as well as examining how the graphs have shifted or changed. The worksheet also tests asymptotes as well as axes of symmetry. It then looks at domain and range for the hyperbola, parabola, exponential graph and straight line. The worksheet also tests finding the […]

Worksheet 9: Function Basics and Straight Lines

This grade 10 maths worksheet examines functions, domain and range. It looks at representing relationships and substitution as well as function notation. It moves on to drawing straight line graphs using the dual intercept method and the gradient intercept method. The worksheet also looks at finding the equation of the straight lines as well as […]

Worksheet 7: Basic Trigonometry

Worksheet 7 starts with labeling the diagram of a triangle with the correct labels. It then moves onto to identifying the different trigonometry ratios before tackling solving the for a ratio given an angle (great calculator work). The worksheet then looks at determining the angle given the ratio. The worksheet then deals with reciprocals before […]

Worksheet 6: Equations and Inequalities

This worksheet practices solving and simplifying different types of equations, from linear equations, to changing the subject of the formula. This worksheet also covers quadratic equations and practices factorising and solving these equations. The worksheet then looks at linear simultaneous equations before moving onto inequalities. Finally the worksheet ends off with a few story sums […]

Worksheet 4: Exponents

This worksheet starts with the definition of exponents, moves on to exponent rules theory and then tests the theory through questions involving simplifying expressions, to factorising with exponents. Finally the worksheet also practices solving for x in basic exponential equations. Download here: Worksheet 4: Exponents Worksheet 4 Memorandum: Exponents   

Worksheet 3: Algebraic Fractions

This worksheet practices the concepts associated with algebraic fractions, from basic simplifying to adding and subtracting fractions, to multiplying and dividing fractions. Download here: Worksheet 3: Algebraic Fractions Worksheet 3: Memo  

Worksheet 2: Algebra – Multiplying and Factorizing Expressions

This worksheet on multiplying and factorizing expressions looks at multiplying monomials, binomials and trinomials with each other and then moves on to practicing the different forms of factorising which include taking out a common factor, difference of squares, sum and difference of cubes, trinomials and grouping. Download here: Worksheet 2: Algebra – Multiplying and factorizing […]