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The grade 12 CAPS aligned mathematics worksheets. 

Worksheet 5: Trigonometry – Compound Angles

This grade 12 mathematics worksheet identifies the basic compound angle identities before moving on to applying them with special angles and in identities. The worksheet then tests the more advanced skills and applications of compound angles. Download here: Worksheet 5: Trigonometry – Compound Angles Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Trigonometry – Compound Angles

Worksheet 4: Finance, Growth and Decay

This grade 12 CAPS worksheet tests the skills learnt for finance, growth and decay. It tests students theory, as well as simple and compound interest, before moving onto future and present value annuities. There is also a fully worked out memorandum for your marking ease. Download here: Worksheet 4: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet 4 […]

Worksheet 3: Exponential and Logarithmic functions

This worksheet and memorandum follow the grade 12 mathematics CAPS curriculum for Exponential and Logarithmic functions. Please note that the log laws should only be known on a theory level and for simplification purposes but will not be examined. The worksheet looks at the definition of a logarithm, changing between logarithmic and exponential equations, solving […]

Worksheet 2 – Functions and Graphs

This worksheet tests all things involved in graphs which includes straight line graphs, parabolas, hyperbolas, exponential and log graphs and also mixed questions which includes a mixture of the different graphs together.   Download here: Worksheet 2 – Functions Worksheet 2 Memorandum – Functions

Quadrilaterals and their Properties

Quadrilaterals and their properties

Need a quick and easy summary of all the quadrilaterals and their properties you need to know? Below are summaries for both A4 and A3 posters that summarise quadrilaterals and their properties, such as the trapezium, parallelogram, square, rhombus, rectangle and kite. Remember that quadrilaterals are four sided shapes. You need to pay attention to […]

Worksheet 1 – Patterns, Sequences and Series

Use this patterns, sequences and series worksheet to practice questions on quadratic patterns to arithmetic sequences as well as series to geometric sequences and series. Included in these questions are exam level questions which could be used for revision of the number patterns section. Download the fully worked out memorandum.   Download here: Worksheet 1 […]