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Worksheet 8 – Analytical Geometry

This worksheet allows the student to practice their analytical geometry skills by finding the midpoint, gradient and equation of the straight line as well as the distance between two points. It also includes circles with centers that are not at the origin. It also has questions that allow the student to practice finding the angle […]

Worksheet 4: Decimal Fractions

This grade 9 mathematics worksheet contains work on Decimal fractions as covered in the first term of the CAPS curriculum. Questions include: changing between equivalent forms of common fractions, percentages and decimal fractions, simplifying sums using BODMAS and squares, cubes, square-roots and cube-roots, rounding off to a specified number of decimal places and story sums. […]

Worksheet 29: Term 3 Revision

This grade 8 mathematics worksheet includes revision on all work covered in the third term according to South Africa’s CAPS syllabus. Topics include – common fractions, decimal fractions, Pythagoras, area and perimeter of 2D shapes, surface area and volume of 3D objects and data handling. Download here: Worksheet 29: Term 3 Revision Worksheet 29 Memorandum: […]

Worksheet 2 – Functions and Graphs

This worksheet tests all things involved in graphs which includes straight line graphs, parabolas, hyperbolas, exponential and log graphs and also mixed questions which includes a mixture of the different graphs together.   Download here: Worksheet 2 – Functions Worksheet 2 Memorandum – Functions

Worksheet 9: Function Basics and Straight Lines

This grade 10 maths worksheet examines functions, domain and range. It looks at representing relationships and substitution as well as function notation. It moves on to drawing straight line graphs using the dual intercept method and the gradient intercept method. The worksheet also looks at finding the equation of the straight lines as well as […]

Worksheet 2: Equations and Inequalities

This worksheet looks at all the different equations and inequalities from linear equations to quadratic equations, completing the square, using the quadratic formula, simplifying and solving algebraic fractions, nature of roots and finally story sums. Download here: Worksheet 2: Equations and Inequalities Worksheet 2: Memo – Equations and Inequalities

Worksheet 7 – Linear Programming

This linear programming worksheet includes questions on finding constraints, drawing the graph of the constraints and determining the feasible region. It also includes questions on finding the maximum and minimum profit or loss for the constraints given. Download here: Worksheet 7 – Linear Programming Worksheet 7 – Memo

Worksheet 28: Revision Term 3 Grade 9 Maths

This revision worksheet tests the skills learnt in the third term of grade 9. The worksheet includes questions on functions and relationships, algebraic expressions, substitution, factorizing (common factors,difference of squares and positive trinomials), algebraic equations, graphs including drawing the graph and finding the equation of a graph, and surface area and volume of 3D objects, […]

Worksheet 14: Decimal Fractions

This worksheet tests all the decimal fraction decimal fractions skills grade 8’s following the CAPS curriculum should know at the end of term 3. It includes comparing decimals and fractions, rounding off to 1 and 2 decimal places, doing calculations including squaring, cubing, square-rooting and cube-rooting decimals, converting between decimals, fractions and percentages, working out […]

Quadrilaterals and their Properties

Quadrilaterals and their properties

Need a quick and easy summary of all the quadrilaterals and their properties you need to know? Below are summaries for both A4 and A3 posters that summarise quadrilaterals and their properties, such as the trapezium, parallelogram, square, rhombus, rectangle and kite. Remember that quadrilaterals are four sided shapes. You need to pay attention to […]