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Worksheet 6 – Calculus 2

Use this calculus worksheet to practice exam-type questions that focus on the derivative, first principals, graphs and finding the tangent to the graph at a certain point. Use this worksheet to practice optimization skills as well. Download here: Worksheet 6 – Calculus 2 Worksheet 6 – Memo

Worksheet 13: Common Fractions

This mathematics worksheet covers all the basics for common fractions that grade 8 students following the CAPS curriculum should be able to do at the end of the third term. It includes converting between mixed number and improper fractions, equivalent fractions, converting between fractions, decimals and percentages, doing sums with fractions including squaring, cubing and […]

Worksheet 16: Algebraic Expressions for Term 3

This grade 9 mathematics worksheet tests the algebraic expressions skills learnt by grade 9 students for the first two weeks of term 3 for the CAPS syllabus. The worksheet includes revision of polynomials and terminology, multiplying out monomials, binomials and polynomials, dividing polynomials by monomials, and factorizing common factors, difference of squares and trinomials in […]

Worksheet 1 – Patterns, Sequences and Series

Use this patterns, sequences and series worksheet to practice questions on quadratic patterns to arithmetic sequences as well as series to geometric sequences and series. Included in these questions are exam level questions which could be used for revision of the number patterns section. Download the fully worked out memorandum.   Download here: Worksheet 1 […]

Worksheet 7: Basic Trigonometry

Worksheet 7 starts with labeling the diagram of a triangle with the correct labels. It then moves onto to identifying the different trigonometry ratios before tackling solving the for a ratio given an angle (great calculator work). The worksheet then looks at determining the angle given the ratio. The worksheet then deals with reciprocals before […]

Worksheet 5 – Calculus 1

This free worksheet on calculus (sponsored by SHARP) includes questions on limits, solving for the derivative using first principals and finding the derivative using the derivative short-rules. It also includes a section on drawing cubic graphs as well determining the tangents to graphs. There is also a section on optimization (finding the maximum and minimum). […]

Grade 9 June Exam

This grade 9 June exam covers all the work covered in the first two terms of the year according to the CAPS curriculum. This means that the following will be examined: whole numbers prime numbers, multiples and factors, and lowest common multiples and highest common factors, integers, exponents (including scientific notation), numeric and geometric patterns, […]

Grade 8 Term 2 Exam

This grade 8 mathematics June exam tests all the skills learnt in the first two terms of the year according to the CAPS curriculum. Questions include whole numbers and integers theory, exponents, patterns, functions and relationships, algebraic expressions, algebraic equations, construction of geometric figures, geometry of 2-dimensional shapes and geometry of straight lines. Marks are […]