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Worksheet 2 – Graphs

This worksheet tests all things involved in graphs which includes straight line graphs, parabolas, hyperbolas, exponential and log graphs and also mixed questions which includes a mixture of the different graphs together. Download here: Worksheet 2 – Graphs Memo – Graphs

Worksheet 3: Common Fractions

This grade 9 CAPS mathematics worksheet revises the skills necessary for common fractions. Sums include using BEDMAS to simplify expressions, converting between mixed number fractions and improper fractions, finding equivalent fractions (an important skill for algebraic fractions), converting between common fractions, decimals and percentages, and being able to use these skills in context (the dreaded […]

Worksheet 2: Integers

This grade 8 mathematics CAPS aligned worksheet works through the different integer skills needed in grade 8. From filling in less than or greater than to knowing the sign multiplicative rules, to being able to apply integers in the real world, this worksheet will make sure that students are able to apply all their integer […]

Worksheet 4: Exponents

This worksheet starts with the definition of exponents, moves on to exponent rules theory and then tests the theory through questions involving simplifying expressions, to factorising with exponents. Finally the worksheet also practices solving for x in basic exponential equations. Download here: Worksheet 4: Exponents Worksheet 4 Memorandum: Exponents   

Worksheet 1 – Logs and Finance

Practice questions on exponents and log rules and applying logs to finance (compound interest – solving for n – and both future value and present value annuities – also solving for n) story sum questions with a fully worked out memo. Download here: Worksheet 1 – Logs and Finance Memo – Logs and Finance

Worksheet 1: Whole Numbers Revision

This worksheet tests students knowledge of number theory from knowing the definitions of numbers, prime numbers and factors, to knowing how to draw number lines. Students must be able to prime factorise using the ladder or tree method and then use this information to find the highest common factor and lowest common multiple. The worksheet […]

Worksheet 1: Whole Numbers Revision

This worksheet summarizes and expands on grade 7 work done on whole numbers. It tests definitions and applications of numbers (real, rational and irrational and so on), as well as application. The worksheet also looks at prime numbers, multiples and factors, basic calculations, prime factors, lowest common multiples and highest common factors, percentages and rate […]

Worksheet 3: Algebraic Fractions

This worksheet practices the concepts associated with algebraic fractions, from basic simplifying to adding and subtracting fractions, to multiplying and dividing fractions. Download here: Worksheet 3: Algebraic Fractions Worksheet 3: Memo  

Worksheet 2: Algebra – Multiplying and Factorizing Expressions

This worksheet on multiplying and factorizing expressions looks at multiplying monomials, binomials and trinomials with each other and then moves on to practicing the different forms of factorising which include taking out a common factor, difference of squares, sum and difference of cubes, trinomials and grouping. Download here: Worksheet 2: Algebra – Multiplying and factorizing […]

Worksheet 1: Algebra

This algebra worksheet looks at numbers, and their properties, surds, rounding off, number lines, converting fractions to decimals, and decimals to fractions, prime factors and definitions. Download here: Worksheet 1: Algebra Worksheet 1: Memo – Algebra