Mental Maths How to Video

The Sharp EL-W535SA (as well as the EL-W506T and the Sharp S25 Junior Quiz calculator) all have a mental maths practise function. This function asks the student a maths question (within a certain set of parameters).

Watch the mental maths how to video to see what happens next:


Oh my goodness, what else can this calculator do?

Watch normal mode videos to find out

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But not a scientific one, its too complicated for me..

Sharp S25 junior quiz calculator

The Sharp S25 was designed for learners in primary school. It has all the basic functions a student would need, 10 digits, and the mental maths practice function – making the calculator both a helpful learning tool, and a helpful checking tool.

The mental maths practice function works in a similar way to the one in the mental maths how to video shown above.

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