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Recent Worksheets

New Grade 10 Maths Study Guide Chapter on Functions and Graphs

The grade 10 maths study guide chapter on functions and graphs. Its finally here! It is aligned with the CAPS syllabus. It has notes. It has exercises. And it has fully worked out memos with [...]

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New Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide

Hi Grade 10 maths students (and maths teachers too) looking for a Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide,   Financial maths is another one of those topics where you will need to make sure that [...]

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New Grade 10 Algebra Study Guide

Hi Grade 10 maths students (and maths teachers too) looking for a Grade 10 Algebra Study Guide,   So, you’ve made it into maths class, and you want to do your best! The best way [...]

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Revamped Maths Study Guide Chapters!

Hi Students, With the event of the new Sharp EL-W535SAB calculator, we thought it might be time to redo the maths study guide chapters. Each maths study guide chapter has an explanation for each topic [...]

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Grade 10 – Functions

This chapter covers all the graphs and functions you need to know about in grade 10. This includes looking at relationships between variables, the parabola, hyperbola and the exponential graph and the effect of “a” [...]

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Grade 10 Finance, Growth and Decay

This chapter looks at simple growth and compound growth, and then moves on to hire purchase before covering inflation and population growth. Finally the chapter looks at exchange rates. Find fully worked out answers for [...]

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Grade 10 Number Patterns

This chapter covers basic patterns, conjectures and theories and finding formulas for the patterns. Use the activities to practice what you have learnt. This chapter is CAPS compliant. Download here: Grade 10 Number Patterns   [...]

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Grade 10 Algebra Chapter

This grade 10 algebra chapter covers numbers (real, rational, irrational and so on), surds, exponents multiplying algebraic expressions, factorising, algebraic fractions, solving equations – from linear to quadratic, exponent and inequalities . There answers at [...]

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Grade 12 Probability Chapter

Probability ranges from the basics like relative frequency to Venn Diagrams, and then moves on to dependent and independent events, two-way contingency table and looking at the expected value and the observed outcome. The chapter [...]

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Grade 12 Transformations chapter

The following  is covered in the transformations chapter: Translations, reflections, rotations (including rotations around an angle) and enlargements. Each chapter includes exercises as well as the fully worked out answers at the end of the [...]

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