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Worksheet 2: Measurement

This worksheet practices how to read measurements off various instruments, how to convert from one kind of measurement to another, how to use conversion of measurements in practical situations and how to work with measurements in ratios. Download here: Worksheet 2: Measurement Worksheet 2 Memorandum: Measurement

Worksheet 29: Term 3 Revision

This grade 8 mathematics worksheet includes revision on all work covered in the third term according to South Africa’s CAPS syllabus. Topics include – common fractions, decimal fractions, Pythagoras, area and perimeter of 2D shapes, surface area and volume of 3D objects and data handling. Download here: Worksheet 29: Term 3 Revision Worksheet 29 Memorandum: […]

Worksheet 28: Revision Term 3 Grade 9 Maths

This revision worksheet tests the skills learnt in the third term of grade 9. The worksheet includes questions on functions and relationships, algebraic expressions, substitution, factorizing (common factors,difference of squares and positive trinomials), algebraic equations, graphs including drawing the graph and finding the equation of a graph, and surface area and volume of 3D objects, […]